Why partner with Prospecta?



Prospecta Technologies is a software development and consulting company that offers a range of services to help organizations leverage technology to achieve their business goals. There are several reasons why you should become a partner with Prospecta Technologies:

Prospecta Technologies has a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in a variety of areas, including software development, project management, and data analysis. This expertise can be particularly valuable for organizations that need to develop custom software solutions or implement new systems.

Prospecta Technologies offers a range of services, from full-scale software development projects to smaller consulting engagements. This allows organizations to work with Prospecta Technologies in a way that best meets their needs and budget.

Prospecta Technologies takes a collaborative approach to working with its clients, ensuring that the needs and goals of the organization are central to the development process. This can help to ensure that the final product is a success and meets the needs of the organization.

Prospecta Technologies has experience working with a variety of industries, including aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and education. This means that they have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in these sectors.

Prospecta technologies focuses on Industrial and Aviation Safety Management systems with many years of experience and access to experts in Safety. With experienced and skilled auditors from the industry Prospecta is in a unique position to consult and coach on best and safe work practices.

Referral Partner

Referral partners can also be a valuable source of expertise and knowledge for businesses.

For example, a referral partner who is familiar with a particular industry or market can provide valuable insights and recommendations to the business they are working with Overall, referral partnerships can be a valuable way for both the businesses to reach new customers, expand their market reach, and access valuable expertise and knowledge. So, if you are into Safety consulting, training, or auditing and want to expand your customer base or provide another service to your existing customers then partner with us. You don’t need to get involved in the Sales cycle all you need to do is give us an introduction and we will take it from there.  Sounds interesting please complete the form expressing your interest and we shall get back to you.

Referral partners are companies or individuals who refer potential customers to Prospecta in exchange for a referral fee or commission. 

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Trying to increase your market share by attracting new clients or bolstering your product line.

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Channel Partners

Are you an established channel partner or a distributor looking to expand your market by reaching out to new customers or adding a new product portfolio into your arsenal. As channel partner you will have exclusive benefits and Prospecta shall support the endeavour end-to-end. You will get complete freedom to drive the sales cycle.  We can help you put forward a proposal or respond to an RFP in your designated area.  We are inviting Channel Partners for various countries and states. Please complete the Partnership form and one of our friendly colleagues shall connect with you and take it forward.

Overall, partnering with Prospecta Technologies can help the organisation   improve your service and product offerings and achieve your business goals. There are several ways you can become a partner. You can partner with us on our product range or consulting opportunities.


Possibility to
log & lock each

Once you sign up as a partner you shall be onboarded on to our Partners portal where you can record all the opportunities against your name and lock them in. This will give you complete control of the opportunity from other partners.