Government and Political Parties

Effective Campaign coupled with Knowledge of the Constituency is essential in winning any election. mANDATE provides intelligent analytics of constituency in its Campaign Management module.

Campaign Management and e-Governance form the core of mANDATE.

Campaign Management: Effective Campaign Management helps the contestant execute a winning plan. The Strategy module in Campaign Management helps the contestant formulate a strategy based on the % number of votes required. This % is derived from a number of statistical parameters or by conducting opinion polls in their respective constituencies/polling areas

eGovernance: This module helps the Smart Politician in monitoring development schemes and works across his/her constituency

An integrated portal helps the Smart Politician keep in touch with his/her electorate, receive and respond to various issues in the constituency

eCabinet: mANDATE aids Governments conduct Cabinet meetings electronically, thus making sure, effective usage of time and machinery. eCabinet allows effective tracking of actions and provides transparency of information by storing it in a Central repository (this module is Work In Progress).